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Honest Reviews

Kevin is AMAZING. He knows his business and is super easy to talk to. He offers better pricing than any other company I contacted and he made me feel really confident when purchasing our home. He gave great recommendations and went above and beyond to help us move into our home on time. It takes nothing more than a quick call to see what I mean.

Vanesa Fontes Nava

Kyle took great care of my clients! Very professional. Great follow up! He took the time to show them his concerns with the property & provided excellent information. It wasn't just about the "this is what's wrong" aspect of an inspection but more about "this is what it would take to fix it." Which I really appreciated!

McKenna Buckley

Jeff was a pleasure to work with as well as Honest and Proficient. The turn around time for him was less than 24 hours with clear pictures and great detail. We appreciate all his hard work. Thank you so much.

Kristen Harju


Honest Reviews

I am a realtor in Utah and have never seen a better inspection report than what Vantage Point sends out. We have used them for multiple rental property purchases and I can't say enough good things about our inspector Kevin. Since we live in Utah, he facetimes us to walk through the problem areas the inspection found. He is so thorough and I would recommend him to anybody!

Emily Johnson

Kevin was great and was very thorough with the inspection. We could not be there in person and he did a very good job accommodating that for us via Zoom. The report was very clear and easy to understand. We feel confident buying our new home!

Taysia Kerrison

I appreciated his timeliness and thorough work. He was good to explain things while he looked into our issue and the report he provided was detailed with photos, videos and diagrams that were very helpful. I would highly recommend.

Kyrie Carlson

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“Kevin doing re-inspections has been great. It is good reassurance for the clients. On one of my most recent transactions, Kevin came out and did the inspections. We agreed upon about 6 repairs with the sellers with one of them being fixing a natural gas leak coming from the gas line going into the water heater. About 7 days later we heard back from the seller's agent saying that all repairs had been completed along with the invoice showing the repairs were paid for. Kevin met me at the home free of any additional charges to verify all the repairs were completed. They were all good except when he used his sensor on the water heater the gas leak was just as bad as before. He took videos and was willing to send them to the seller's agent as well as speak to them over the phone to explain better to ensure that everyone was on the same page. A few days later we got a call that it was fixed. Again, Kevin met me at the house to re-inspect at no extra charge. This time all the readings came back good. My clients really appreciated his promptness and thoroughness. I highly recommend him to any agent to add to their list of inspectors to recommend.

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