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home inspector testing base of toilet for moisture

What is a Home Inspection?

A home inspection is a non-invasive visual examination of the accessible areas of a home. During a home inspection, the home is visually inspected for functional and safety issues.


During a home inspection, the home inspector will inspect the:

  • Structure: Foundation, Walls, Flooring, and Roof

  • ​Roof: Coverings, Flashings, and Vents

  • Exterior: Siding, Windows, flashing, and grading

  • Interior: Appliances, Floors, Walls, Ceilings, Stairs, Handrails, etc.

  • Electrical: Service Entrance Conductors, Panels, Wiring, and Outlets/Fixtures

  • Plumbing: Main Valve, Distribution Piping, Water Heater, Drainage, and Faucets

  • HVAC: Heating & Cooling Source, Venting, Distribution, etc. 

  • Insulation: Basement, Crawlspace, & Attic

  • Ventilation: Crawlspace and Attic

  • Garage: Doors, Sensors, Floor, Walls, and Ceilings.

  • Fireplace(s): Clearances, Damper Doors, and Energy Source​


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A home inspection in itself is very thorough and can reveal a variety of different issues. However, when the inspection is combined with one or more services, you will be able to reveal even more issues.

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Effortlessly schedule the inspection online using our ​scheduler! Once the schedule request is sent in, we will send you a confirmation email/text if that date & time works for us.


The home inspector will arrive 15 minutes early to the home and inspect it! You can choose to be there during the whole inspection if you would like. We prefer that you arrive towards the end so that we can walk through and discuss the different issues we found.


The report will be sent within 24 hours (we strive to send it that same day if possible). You may contact us if there are any questions about certain items. After the RE-10 (repair request for seller) is sent and the repairs are made, we suggest considering scheduling a RE-INSPECTION! ... It's FREE!


There are many different home inspectors in South Eastern Idaho. This can make it challenging when trying to decide which home inspector is the best for you. Knowing a lot about homes is important, but not . Being able to verbally communicate and 

At Vantage Point Inspections, we have simplified the entire process to help both the inspector and client focus on the home and its condition. Our method of reporting is incomparable to other inspectors.

Jeff was a pleasure to work with as well as Honest and Proficient. The turn around time for him was less than 24 hours with clear pictures and great detail. We appreciate all his hard work. Thank you so much.

Kristen Harju

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